• 0.02% (MM570) and 0.03% (MM560) basic DCV accuracy
  • 50,000 or 500,000 count
  • AC/DC current to 10A with 0.01µA and 0.1°
  • 4 to 20mA, displayed as 0-100% for process current measurements
  • Max/Min recording with autoranging
  • Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance, Continuity, Duty cycle and Diode tests
  • Auto Power off, Relative and Hold features
  • Audible and visible test lead misconnection warning


The precision Extech MultiMaster™ MM560/MM570 multimeters provide high accuracy, true RMS measurements of AC/DC current to 10A with 0.01µA resolution. Capacitance, frequency, resistance, continuity, duty cycle, and diode tests are also available. The Extech MultiMaster™ also has dBm measurements with 20 selectable impedances as well as a peak function that captures transient pulses. 4-20mA signal are displayed as 0-100% for process current measurements.

The Extech Multimaster™ MM560/MM570 multimeter offers RS-232 PC interface data acquisition capabilities as an option. Model MM570 offers dual input temperature measurements and very wide bandwidth.

Extech Multimaster™ MM560/MM570 multimeters ship complete with test leads, Type K thermocouple probe (for MM570 only; -58 to 482°F/-50 to 250°C), protective holster with stand and 9V battery.

Additional Features of the Extech Multimaster MM560/MM570 Multimeter

Model MM560

  • Up to 20KHz True RMS ACV bandwidth
  • 600V input protection on all functions (1000V on voltage)

Model MM570

  • Up to 100KHz True RMS ACV bandwidth
  • 1000V input protection on all functions
  • T1, T2 and T1-T2 dual Type K input temperature display in °F or °C

National Stock Numbers (NSN)

The following National Stock Numbers reference the Extech Multimaster MM560/MM570 Multimeter:

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