• CL200
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  • Low detection limit down to 0.01ppm
  • Range of measurement from 0.01 to 10ppm
  • Unaffected by sample color or turbidity
  • Automatic electronic calibration
  • Memory stores, tags and recalls up to 15 readings
  • Waterproof to IP67 standard
  • Analog bar graph indicator
  • EPA Approved Methodology
  • Lab precision results

What's in the Box

  • Flat surface chlorine electrode
  • ExTab reagent tablets (50 tests)
  • Protective sensor cap
  • Sample cup with cap
  • 4 3V CR-2032 batteries
  • 48in neck strap


The Extech CL200 chlorine meter provides fast and easy on-the-spot readings. The Extech CL200 chlorine meter uses a unique flat surface chlorine electrode to take accurate chlorine measurements from 0.01 to 10ppm. Unlike other chlorine measurement instruments, the Extech CL200 chlorine meter is unaffected by light, scratched vials, color or turbidity of samples. Using an EPA approved method for monitoring total chlorine levels, the Extech CL200 chlorine meter displays lab precision results in under two minutes without having to bring samples back to the lab for analysis.

The Extech CL200 chlorine meter offers a number of features which make this meter an indispensable tool for taking chlorine measurements, including automatic self-calibration upon start-up. The Extech CL200 chlorine meter features a large, state of the art LCD display simultaneously shows total chlorine in ppm and temperature while also indicating trends via an analog bar graph. An internal memory stores and tags up to 15 readings for easy recall. The Extech CL200 chlorine meter also has data hold, auto power off and low battery indication functions.

The Extech CL200 chlorine meter has a rugged, waterproof (IP67) housing and flat surface electrode that can withstand harsh environments while offering lab precision accuracy no matter where you take your readings.