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  • Offers TRU-TUNE+ adaptive control for tighter control
  • Provides auto-tune for fast, efficient start up
  • Configuration communications with software
  • FM approved over/under limit with auxiliary outputs
  • Memory for saving and restoring parameter settings
  • P3T armor sealing system
  • Touch-safe package increases installer/operator safety
  • Programmable menu system
    • Reduces set up time
    • Increases operator efficiency
  • RoHS Compliant


The Watlow EZ-ZONE PM controller offers control options to reduce system complexity and the cost of thermal loop ownership. The EZ-ZONE PM can integrate a high amperage power controller output with a high-performance PID controller and an over/under limit controller in one space-saving, panel mount package. These functions can also be combined into an integrated controller. A number of serial communication options are available for the EZ-ZONE PM to support your connectivity needs.

Available in 1/4 DIN panel mount packages, the EZ-ZONE PM is highly scalable and you only pay for what you need. For 1/32 DIN and basic function 1/16 DIN size Watlow controllers, visit the PM Legacy product page. For advanced function 1/16 DIN and 1/8 DIN controllers, visit the PM Plus product page. Optional features of the EZ-ZONE PM include high amperage power control output, an integrated PID and limit controller, current monitoring, serial communication capabilities, class I Div 2 rating, remote set point operation, profile capability, and retransmit.

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This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Controlling a Process to Match Ambient Temperatures

The Background: The customer manufactures heat exchangers and wants to build a test fixture to be able to test and quantify the capabilities of their products.

The Problem: The customer wants to heat the test fluid to ambient temperature to remove that variable from their calculations. Rather than having an operator constantly changing the setpoint manually, they want something to automatically track ambient temperatures.

The Solution: We recommended the Watlow PM series with an auxiliary input. The auxiliary input can be connected to a temperature sensor that is monitoring ambient temperature and using that input as the setpoint for the controller. As ambient temperature changes, the setpoint will automatically change to match, keeping their process temperature the same as ambient.

CSA Approved Controller for Controlling an Industrial Oven

The Background: The customer, an OEM manufacturer of high temperature insulation fibers, requires a temperature controller for use in an industrial oven used during the manufacturing process.

The Problem: The customer had three primary needs: the controller needed to be up to the task, it needed to have CSA approval, and delivery needed to be fast.

The Solution: We recommended the Watlow EZ Zone PM controller which is available with a range of options and configurations that make it easy to customize to fit nearly any application. As per the customer’s needs, the EZ Zone PM is CSA approved and we have them is stock, so we can ship them out today saving customers from extended downtime.

Custom Input Linearization for Non-standard Inputs

The Background: Our customer is an industrial facility that needs to replace an old process controller.

The Problem: The controller receives input from an existing temperature sensor that produces a non-supported, non-linear input signal. This non-standard signal causes readings to be off by varying amounts as the sensor is exposed to the range. A common fix like a simple offset just fixes one point.

The Solution: The Watlow EZ-ZONE PM controller has 10 point linearization so the customer can map the input and the controller can interpolate the signal for a more accurate reading of a non-linear sensor.

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