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  • Standard screw plugs and flanges feature a wide selection of WATROD and FIREBAR elements
  • Flange ratings meet recognized agency standards
  • Compacted MgO insulation filled elements
  • Thermal insulated vessels
  • Heavy-gauge steel jacket (shroud)
  • NPT or ANSI Class 150 nozzle connections


Watlow circulation heaters combine the popular Watlow WATROD® or FIREBAR® heating elements together with a tank, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting brackets, inlet, and outlet connections to form a complete assembly. Watlow circulation heaters, therefore, provide a ready-made means to install electric heating with a minimal amount of time and labor.

Watlow circulation heaters are designed to force circulated liquids (air and gases may also be appropriate depending upon the application) over a heating element. Watlow circulation heaters are ideal for either in-line or side-arm operations. By using industry-leading FIREBAR® or WATROD® heating elements, these Watlow circulation heaters deliver fast response and even heat distribution.

Watlow circulation heaters maintain the high performance capabilities for which all Watlow heaters are known. Watlow circulation heaters are rated up to one megawatt, generating watt densities up to 120 W/in2 and sheath temperatures of up to 1600°F (depending upon sheath material). The tanks are insulated with one inch of thermal insulation rated to 750°F to reduce heat loss. A heavy gauge steel jacket protects the entire assembly. A wide range of sheath materials, wattages, vessel sizes and materials, pressure ratings, terminal enclosures and controls are available to the Watlow circulation heaters to meet virtually all your circulation heater assembly needs.

Applications for Watlow Circulation Heaters

  • Industrial water rinse tanks
  • Hydraulic oil, crude, asphalt
  • Lubricating oils at API specified watt densities
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Paraffin
  • Caustic cleaners
  • Nitrogen, hydrogen and other air/gas systems
  • Superheating steam
  • Water:
    • Deionized
    • Demineralized
    • Clean
    • Potable
    • Process

Ordering Information

Please contact us to order a Watlow Circulation Heater. To help us determine which Watlow heater will best satisfy your application requirements, please determine as closely as possible the application, watts, voltage, termination type, inlet/outlet options, phase, number of circuits and tank options you will need. Please consult the Watlow Circulation Heater Data Sheet PDF for additional information.