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  • Maximum watt densities up to 60 W/ in2 (9.3 W/cm2)
  • Sheath temperatures can vary up to 648°C (1200°F)
  • 5 thermocouple/coil configurations
  • Three-phase capability results in one element versus three, lower amperage, reduced installation time, and lower overall cost
  • Internal thermocouple allows responsive and accurate, internal, high-limit sensing
  • Numerous mounting and termination options


The Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heater combines multiple coils and/or thermocouples, creating a tubular heater with precise temperature measurement and quick installation. The new, patent-pending method of packaging the thermocouple inside the heater sheath with one or more resistance coils gives you the ability to accurately and responsively sense the heater's internal temperature.

The Watlow WATROD® Multicoil is the first tubular heater in the industry with three-phase capability. By providing the ability to go from single-phase to three-phase in a compact package, the three-coil and three-phase Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heater offers a lower amperage solution while delivering the full power required in a compact heater package. Previously three separate heaters would have been required to do the same job; therefore the new Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heater saves money.

Watlow has the capability to put up to two coils in a 0.375 or 0.430 diameter heater and up to three coils in a 0.475 or 0.490 diameter Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heater. One or more of these coils can be a resistance wire or a thermocouple. The bending formations are virtually limitless and a wide variety of mounting options and terminations are available to suit your application. The Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heaters can be either single-ended or double–ended and up to three-phase with three leads for three-phase wye hook up. Watlow recommends using an epoxy moisture seal or silicone-based seal.

The Watlow WATROD® multicoil tubular heaters are available in all standard materials such as Incoloy®, 304 and 316 stainless steel, and can be formed into almost any configuration. The five thermocouple and/or coil options for Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular configurations will meet most requirements.

Applications for the Watlow WATROD® Multicoil Tubular Heater

  • Food service
  • Process
  • Medical
  • Milled groove
  • Plastics
  • Plating
  • Oven heating
  • Semiconductor

Ordering Information

Please contact us to order a Watlow WATROD® Multicoil tubular heater. To help us determine which Watlow heater will best satisfy your application requirements, please determine as closely as possible the heater diameter, watts, voltage, termination type, heated length, mounting configuration and bend pattern of the heater you will need. Please consult the Watlow WATROD® Multicoil Tubular Heater Data Sheet PDF for additional information.