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  • No moving parts
  • Injection-molded construction for excellent surface-finish
  • Piezo detection
  • Six sizes in the range DN 15 to DN 50
  • Vibration-noise and reverse polarity protected
  • PVC construction

GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensors provide extremely accurate and reliable flow measurement with no moving parts. Constructed of durable PVC, GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensors can accommodate applications such as chemical delivery.

Each GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensor is injection-molded to achieve a smooth surface finish for cleanliness and better chemical compatibility. This drastically reduces manufacturing inconsistencies and in-service particulation associated with machined surfaces. GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensors' end connectors simplify installation and allow unparalleled configuration versatility.

The GF Signet 7000 vortex flow sensor has a frequency pulse output, and the GF Signet 7001 vortex flow sensor has a 4-20mA current output. To achieve advanced system functionality, the GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensor can be used with the comprehensive offering of GF Signet flow instruments. Integral transmitters with local displays and many additional features are available as accessories to GF Signet 7000/7001 vortex flow sensors, or select from a wider variety of panel-mount flow instruments.

Applications for GF Signet 7000/7001 Vortex Flow Sensors

  • Process flow
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Process cooling water
  • Neutralization systems
  • Waste water effluent
  • Scrubber control
  • Chemical delivery
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