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  • Replacement for most common portable test gauges
  • Designed to fit in 8 or 10in panel mount applications
  • Easy front access to the serial port & battery cover
  • Not rated intrinsically safe
  • Available in PSI, bar or Pa
  • Temperature range: -10 to 50°C
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • 1/4in NPT or BSP pressure connection


The Crystal Engineering WT Series is a combination of leading edge technology and rugged industrial design. The WT Series Digital Test Gauge is designed to fit in 8 or 10 inch panel mount applications commonly found in portable testsets. The WT Series pressure gauge has been repackaged so that it may be mounted in a portable enclosure, while retaining easy access to batteries and to the digital (RS-232) interface (both of which would otherwise be on the back of the gauge).

The WT Series case is made from rugged aluminum alloy utilizing a gasket to seal the enclosure against dust and water intrusion. Even the RS-232 connector is fully sealed (with or without the red cover or rubber boot). Circuitry is mounted in shock absorbing elastomer supports and the batteries are easily accessible by removing four screws. But you won't need to change the batteries often, since 3 AAA batteries provide up to 500 hours of continuous operation. The batteries are easily replaced by removing the two screws.