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  • Menu-driven, easy-to-use software
  • Absolute or gauge deadweight tester calibration
  • Maintain piston cylinder unit and weight set files
  • Fluid media details
  • Pressure equivalent calculations with all corrections
  • Local and standard gravity adjustments
  • Pre-loaded calibration data
  • Twelve pressure units available
  • Audit trail of each calibration point
  • Automatic production of calibration certificates
  • Maintenance of customer details
  • "Due for Recalibration" list available



Fluke Calibration's PressCal Deadweight Tester (formerly Pressurements) software will allow users to apply all necessary corrections to enhance the pressure measurement accuracy of your deadweight tester. These corrections include gravity, temperature, pressure head, and buoyancy.

PressCal is a Windows-based, menu-driven calibration software that meets the changing demands of industry and to comply with the ISO 9000 Quality System. Calibration data is processed live and a calibration certificate can be produced in one keystroke. Customer details are maintained in a separate customer file which can be retrieved and inserted automatically into the calibration certificate. PressCal will come preloaded with your specific details of deadweight tester calibration data including PCUs, weight sets, and fluid media.