Fluke 561 HVACPro Infrared Thermometer

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  • Contact thermometry capability, compatible with all standard mini-connector K-type thermocouples
  • Velcro pipe probe included for super-heat and sub-cooling and other contact and ambient measurements
  • Single-point laser sighting
  • Temperature range optimized for HVAC/R applications
  • 3 emissivity settings (0.3, 0.7, 0.95) for measuring pipes and ducts more accurately
  • HVAC measurement guide and hard plastic case included

Lighten up your toolbox with the HVACPro. The handheld Fluke 561 infrared thermometer combines the temperature measurement functions that professionals need for most HVAC jobs, all in one tool. Fluke 561 infrared thermometers measure both infrared temperature as well as contact temperature, replacing several hundred dollars worth of equipment. The Fluke 561 infrared thermometer is fast, efficient, and easy to use, which will save you valuable time and effort.

The Fluke 561 infrared thermometer can determine the surface temperature by measuring the amount of infrared energy radiated by the target's surface or by contact using a thermocouple probe. Handheld Fluke 561 infrared thermometers are designed specifically for use in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.

With the portable Fluke 561 infrared thermometer, you can take contact and ambient temperatures in the way that's best for you. Use the Fluke 561 infrared thermometer to measure hot, moving, electrically energized, and hard-to-reach objects instantly. Check motors, insulation, breakers, radiant heating, pipes, corroded connections, and wires. Plus, scan ducts from the floor - leave your ladder in truck. You can use the Fluke 561 infrared thermometer's handy Velcro® pipe probe, or, to get the most out of your tool investments, plug in any industry-standard K-type mini-connector thermocouple probes you already own.

The Fluke 561 infrared thermometer ships complete with:

  • Hard Case
  • Type-K Thermocouple, Velcro Pipe Probe
  • (2) AA Batteries


Fluke 80PK-11 Type-K Thermocouple
19.5 inch flexible Velcro cuff temperature probe for 302°F (150°C) maximum with 20 inch cable and 0.5in pin connector


IR Thermometer Calibration
NIST-traceable calibration and certificate for infrared thermometers


Fluke H6 Infrared Thermometer Holster
Holster provides quick access and protection for infrared thermometers
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Fluke C345 Soft Case
Polyester carrying case with movable internal divider and outer zippered pouch with elastic strap and mesh accessory retainer


Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke L200 Probe Light
Bright white LED with 120 hours of life on two 3V watch batteries that easily attaches to any Fluke test probe
Fluke L215 SureGrip Test Kit
TP220 industrial test probes, TP280 probe extenders, TL224 insulated test leads, & L200 probe light in a foldable soft pouch
Fluke L211 Probe Light Kit
L200 probe light, TL71 premium DMM test lead set, and C75 carrying case
Fluke Professional Tool Backpack
Durable high-quality polyester, injection molded plastic bottom base, six storage compartments