• MG101
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  • Generation range is -103 to 50°F (-75 to 10°C) frost/dew point (at typical ambient temperatures)
  • Accurate field calibration/verification of moisture sensors
  • No power required to operate
  • Inherently explosion-proof
  • Requires dry inert nitrogen gas as the source gas


The Panametrics MG101 Hygrometer Calibration System is used to generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor in a carrier gas stream. This primary dew point / frost point generation system achieves an accuracy of ±1°C within a continuously adjustable range.

Hygrometer calibration systems from the MG101 Series employ the elementary principle of gas dilution. Dry gas is piped into the system, where it is divided into two streams. One stream is saturated with water vapor at a known temperature, while the other stream remains dry. The two streams are then mixed. The saturated stream is diluted with varying amounts of the dry gas to produce the desired gas/water vapor mixture.

The MG101 moisture analyzer calibration system employs a second dilution stage to generate a gas with a known water concentration in the dew/frost point range of -103°F (-75°C) up to 50°F (10°C) below ambient temperature. When generating frost points in the dry region, the water concentration of the carrier gas must be insignificant compared to the final required mixture (1% or less).

The Panametrics MG101 hygrometer calibrator may be used to recalibrate or verify calibration of Panametrics aluminum oxide hygrometer probes. In addition, it may be used to generate an accurate reproducible water concentration in a gas for any purpose. Because these hygrometer calibrators do not use electrical power, they are inherently explosion-proof.