• Complete Low-Cost Kits
  • 0.2% FS Accuracy
  • Superior Hand Pump Design
  • Vacuum & Pressure in One Pump for Pneumatic Kits
  • Standard Overpressure Protection
  • Hydraulic Kits Up To 15,000 psi


Our LEO digital pressure calibrator kits are designed to provide just the performance you need. Simple operation without all the bells and whistles of more expensive pressure calibrators.

These LEO digital pressure calibrator kits provide a cost effective means of checking various pressure instrumentation such as transmitters, pressure switches and transducers. These digital pressure kits provide true pressure references, not simulated ones.

All pressure calibration kits include a carrying case, the digital gauge, appropriate hand pump, NPT adapter fitting kit, and test pressure hose.


This product can be used in the following applications: