• Dual setpoints with optional remote selection
  • Plug-in output modules allow installing just the functions needed
  • Expanded user-selectable operator modes
  • User-selectable plug-and-play output cards
  • Process and loop alarms
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Optional 10V SSR driver
  • Improved Windows PC configuration software
  • Improved easy-to-use HMI
  • Jumperless input configuration
  • Auto-hardware recognition
  • Faster communication speeds
  • More security options
  • Backward compatible panel cutout, housing and terminal wiring capability


The 1/4 DIN Partlow 1400+ temperature controller is a part of the new generation of ‘+' Series controllers that takes flexibility and ease of use to new levels. The Partlow 1400+ temperature controller incorporates numerous improvements in product specifications, communication, display interface, and configuration software that surpass competitive offerings in ease of use, delivery, and value-per-dollar.

The Partlow 1400+ temperature controller has versatile features and user-friendly functionalities including remote setpoint inputs, digital inputs, plug-in output modules, and a customizable operator/HMI menu. Partlow 1400+ temperature controller also feature jumperless and auto-hardware configuration as well as 24VDC transmitter power supply. In fact, the new Partlow 1400+ temperature controller transforms the complicated into the simple while saving you time (as much as 50% on product set-up), which reduces inventory stock and virtually eliminates the likelihood of operator errors. The 1/4 DIN Partlow 1400+ temperature controller features four button operation and dual 4-digit LED displays.

Making things complicated is easy – the clever trick with the new generation Partlow 1400+ temperature controller is to make it simple.