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  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • PTFE Teflon or 316 SS antenna
  • Loop powered
  • Small deadband (3.2")
  • Suitable for vapor, turbulence, condensate as well as vacuum and fumes
  • Corrosion resistant plastic enclosure
  • Narrow beam angle, 8 degrees
  • IP67, NEMA 4X housing
  • Epoxy coated enclosure
  • Loop Powered, 2 wire 4-20mA Output
  • Explosion Proof Model Available
  • 2” NPT or Flanged connections
  • Can read directly through PP and Polyethylene tanks


The ICON LevelPro ProScan 2 80 GHz Radar Level Transmitter measures the liquid level inside the tank or sump by using a PTFE Teflon or 316SS antenna that emits low energy radar pulses. The pulses are laser focused with a much smaller diameter than lower frequency radar sensors. The concentrated beam offers more reliable accuracy in conditions that involve vapor or out-gassing or low reflective media. The small dead zone and narrow beam angle allow for use in both small and tall vessels.

The ProScan 2 Series does not contact the process liquid and therefore is an excellent choice for applications that involve corrosive, coating, dirty or crystallizing media. The are temperature compensated over the entire range (-40 - 260°C) and can be used on to measure liquid under pressure or vacuum.

The ProScan 2 Series utilizes microprocessor technology coupled with mapping software that allows it to be used where other non-contact level sensing products are unreliable, fail or go lost.