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  • Measuring principle:
    • Potentiometric
    • Gel-compact electrode, open aperture and double reference system
  • Measurement range: 0 to 14 pH
  • Temperature sensor: NTC 30K
  • Process temperature: 32 to 230°F (0 to 110°C)
  • Process pressure: 11.6 to 203 psi (0.8 to 14 bar) absolute
  • Material(s):
    • Sensor shaft: glass to suit process
    • pH membrane glass: Type B
    • Metal lead: Ag/AgCl
    • O-ring: FKM
    • Process coupling: PPS fiber-glass reinforced
    • Nameplate: ceramic metal oxide
  • All shaft lengths with temperature sensor
  • IP68
  • ATEX, IECEx, CSA C/US, NEPSI, Japan Ex, and INMETRO approvals


The E+H Memosens CPS91E Digital pH Sensor features a gel-compact electrode with an open aperture and double reference system ideal for accurate monitoring of fibrous media or media with high content of suspended solids. The open aperture protects the CPS91E from pressure and temperature fluctuations by preventing build up of diffusion potential at the junction. An optional ion trap greatly decreases likelihood of electrode ion poisoning, increasing service life. Extended storage of calibration and process allows for more accurate trend identification and expanded predictive maintenance, with secure digital transfer of historical data via Memosens 2.0 technology. The non-contact, inductive signal transmission method of the CPS91E ensures maximum process safety.

E+H Memosens CPS91E Digital pH Sensor applications:

  • Chemical processes
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Contaminated media and suspended solids
    - Dispersions
    - Precipitations
    - Emulsions

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