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  • 4 – 20mA + RS485 communication outputs
  • Full color, multi-line, single (D500) or double (D520) display
  • Panel, pipe or wall mount
  • 400 Days of datalogging
  • SimplCal calibration
  • (3) 5A relay outputs
  • High limit, low limit, hysteresis control


ICON D500 & D520 Series pH/ORP Controllers are durable corrosion-resistant pH/ORP controllers that are available in single (D500) or double (D520) screen configurations. Its modular design ensures efficient installation and operation, delivering initial measurement results within less than a minute.

Equipped with comprehensive features, the D500/520 eliminates the need for separate purchases of relay, 4-20mA, or RS485 outputs. The SimplCal functionality streamlines sensor calibration, offering ease and speed. Setting up the controller is facilitated by a user-friendly step-by-step on-screen menu.

Additionally, the D500/520 features an active display with a red alarm LED, promptly notifying users of sensor readings beyond set parameters. This indicator serves as a reminder for sensor maintenance, including cleaning, recalibration, or replacement.