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  • Multi-function capabilities
  • Electrical, frequency, temperature, and pressure
  • HART & Foundation Fieldbus options available
  • Touch screen display for greater ease of use
  • Dashboard feature quickly launches applications
  • All system components are fully interchangeable
  • Allows significant inventory reductions
  • Simplifies training and improves operator safety
  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Compact & lightweight, but rugged for field applications
  • -0.9barg (-13psig) to 20barg (300psig) hybrid pressure control range
  • 120% FS maximum over range pressure
  • 800-1100 mbar abs barometer pressure measurement range
  • <0.5mbar barometer total uncertainty
  • <0.33mbar barometer drift/year
  • 50ppm of PM620 full scale pressure control stability
  • Speed to 20bar setpoint (20ml volume):
    • 0 barg to 2barg (30psig) +/-50ppm into 15ml volume <15sec
    • 0 barg to 20barg (300psig) +/-50ppm into 50ml volume <90sec
  • 60mbar/min maximum compensated leak rate at 20barg
  • In-the-field pressure range selection
  • Built-in barometer to enable accurate pseudo pressure measurements
  • Automatic selection of manual pressure generation, automatic pressure generation or pressure venting with large test volume capability
  • Fully automatic pressure generation and control to accurately maintain setpoint
  • Quick-fit pressure adapters
  • Physical or Bluetooth wireless connection to a DPI620G electrical calibrator
  • Autonomous calibration wizard to store procedures and calibration data

What's in the Box

  • 1 PV624 hybrid pressure controller base station
  • 1 Shoulder/carry strap
  • 1 AC power supply
  • 1 Rechargeable battery pack
  • 1 Quick start/safety manual
  • 1 G1/8 female adapter
  • 1 1/8 NPT female adapter
  • 1 Dirt moisture trap


The Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator is a flexible modular calibration system that uses three basic components to perform multiple functions that formerly required a wide range of different instruments. The basic component of this system is the Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator, a next-generation, ultra-compact, electrical, frequency, and temperature calibrator, which provides simultaneous measurement and source capabilities. Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that can be attached to the calibrator by a pressure module carrier. Optional HART field communicator would replace the need for a stand-alone HART communication unit. A Foundation Fieldbus communicator is also available as an option. If pressure generation is required, the calibrator and pressure module can be attached to one of three pressure generation stations, to form a high performance, full-integrated pressure calibrator.

Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrators can measure and source mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency, and a variety of RTDs and T/Cs. Druck DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrators provide an isolated 24V loop power supply to energize devices and control loops and a stabilized DC voltage supply for ratio metric transducers. A HART digital configurator is optional for set-up and calibration adjustments of HART devices. As the next generation model, the DPI 620 Genii incorporates an advanced touch screen and new user interface for a flatter menu structure and greater ease-of-use. A completely new digital platform supports HART and Fieldbus applications. The intuitive dashboard allows for quickly launching applications. The compact and lightweight DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator is designed for rugged field applications, with a robust casing and weather-proofing to IP 65.

The Druck PV624 pressure controller is designed to be used with a DPI620G electrical calibrator and interchangeable PM620/PM620T pressure modules from the GENii advanced modular calibration system, creating a uniquely capable, flexible, self-contained portable hybrid pressure controller. The PV624 offers an easy and fast method to accurately maintain pressure set points. Hybrid pressure control also supports large test volumes and long battery life. With a robust design and tool-less pressure connection, the PV624 is ideally suited to perform pressure testing and calibrations in the field.

The PV624 automatically selects between fast high volume manual pressure generation and fully automatic precise pressure generation to quickly achieve and accurately maintain a stable setpoint. To achieve a fast time to up-scale pressure set points (or down-scale pressure set points for negative pressure ranges), the hand pump is requested by the PV624 to be exercised for a portion of the pressure change before automatically isolating the hand pump and seamlessly engaging fully automatic pressure generation to set point. Pressure set points are quickly achieved with automatically controlled venting. Once at set point, the PV624 automatically generates and controls the pressure to combat the effect of adiabatic or minor leaks.

The PV624 portable hybrid pressure controller connects physically or wirelessly via Bluetooth with any Bluetooth DPI620G electrical calibrator. A simple hand tight screw fit (no tools required) makes both an electrical and pressure connection to a range of fully interchangeable PM620/PM620T pressure modules. By using the PV624 internal barometer, a PM620 pressure module reference type can be changed by the user from gauge to pseudo absolute or from absolute to pseudo gauge.

The case material and precision over molding ensures that the PV624 is rugged, weatherproof, and suitable for the harshest environments. The PV624 is supplied with a dirt trap to reduce contamination of both the instrument and the system under test from dirt and debris as well as moisture.

The PV624 provides a tool-less quick-fit pressure connection where finger-tight connections achieve pressure-tight connections to 20 bar. It is supplied with a G1/8 female and 1/8 NPT female adapter. The PV624 is supplied with an AC adapter and a rechargeable battery pack that can be charged in the unit, or can be easily exchanged in the field with a charged additional battery.