Tek Know TC60M
This product has been retired.



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  • Range 50 to 600°C
  • Accurate to ±1.5°C
  • Stability to ±0.75°C
  • No liquids, safe dry calibration
  • 166 mm well depth
  • 3 buttons - easy to use

The Tek Know TC60M temperature calibrator, like all Tek Know calibrators, has been designed to maintain high accuracy and stability under the most severe conditions. These portable dry block calibrators are used on offshore rigs and by leading ship owners world-wide.

The TC60M offers true calibration, not simulation. These units generate a true temperature reference. Each temperature calibrator from the TC60M Series is calibrated against precision equipment, which is traceable to national standards, and calibration certificates are supplied with each unit. In addition, these calibrators will fulfill requirements in connection with quality assurance programs as well as requirements from classification societies.

Tek Know TC60M temperature calibrators are portable - their low weight (approximately 5.5 kgs) and compact design (117 x 300 x 245 mm) make these calibrators ideal for on site calibration.

The Tek Know TC60M operates under the dry block principle, which excludes the use of oil or other liquids. A dry block with various diameters ensures thermal contact to the sensor being tested. Simply place the sensor to be calibrated in the calibrator and set the temperature. When stabilization occurs, simply read the true temperature from the calibrator and recalibrate the sensor or system accordingly.

Tek Know branded temperature and pressure instruments are made by Scan Sense, a Norwegian manufacturer of Industrial and Marine/Offshore sensing and calibration equipment. Established in 1986, Scan Sense focuses on three primary product areas: Load Measurement, Pressure Measurement, and Calibration Instruments. Scan Sense designs and builds all of its products in modern production facilities with strict quality assurance and control.