Dewpoint Meters ()
COSA Xentaur XDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Continually monitors dewpoint levels in gases to as low as -148°F (-100°C)
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COSA Xentaur XPDM Dewpoint Meter
High-speed portable dewpoint transmitter
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COSA Xentaur HDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Loop-powered hybrid dewpoint transmitter for compressed air and refrigerant dryer applications
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COSA Xentaur LPDT Dewpoint Transmitter
Loop powered (2-wire) dewpoint transmitter with display
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COSA Xentaur Sensor
XTR-65/100 sensors
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COSA Xentaur Sample Cell
Stainless steel sample cell for dewpoint transmitters
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COSA Xentaur Instruction Manual
Instruction manual
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COSA Xentaur Coalescing Filter
Coalescing filter
COSA Xentaur H/P Regulator
H/P regulator
COSA Xentaur Cartridges
Package of cartridges (10/pkg) for the XR06017 coalescing filter
COSA Xentaur Exhaust Pigtail
Exhaust pigtail
COSA Xentaur Replacement Desiccant Chamber
Replacement Desiccant Chamber
COSA Xentaur XR NIST Certification
8-point NIST traceable calibration for the XPDM Dewpoint Meter
COSA Xentaur Sensor Mounting Adapter
Sensor Mounting adapter for LPDT, HDT and XDT, 1/2" NPT
COSA Xentaur High Pressure Sensor Fitting
High pressure sensor fittings (5000 PSI)
COSA Xentaur Coaxial Cable
Custom length cable for the XDT Dewpoint Transmitter (6ft comes with the meter) call us to order additional lengths
COSA Xentaur Mounting Bracket and Hardware
Mounting Bracket and Hardware
COSA Xentaur Carrying Case
Carrying Case
COSA Xentaur Braided Hose
36" Braided Hose w/SS End Connections
COSA Xentaur Tubing
P.T.F.E. Tubing - 1/4" ID, 2m Length
COSA Xentaur Needle Valve
Needle Valve, Stainless Steel to 3000 PSIG