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Aalborg GFM Mass Flow Meters
Thermal mass flow meter for clean gases, flow ranges starting from 0 to 10 SCCM to 0 to 1000 SLPM, Replaces the AA30-A
Aalborg GFC Mass Flow Controllers
Thermal mass flow controller for clean gases, 10 sccm to 1000 sl/min, replaces the AA30-B
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Aalborg XFM Mass Flow Meters
Digital thermal mass flow meters for clean gases
Aalborg SDPROC Command Module
Microprocessor-driven command module
Aalborg Power Supply
Power supply for GFM and GFC series
Aalborg GFC Shielded Cable Assembly
GFC cable assembly with 15-Pin D-Connector
Aalborg XFM Power Supply
12 VDC power supply for XFM series, analog branch optional
Aalborg Wire for XFM
15 pin D-connector to wire XFM to your existing DC power
Aalborg 110V Battery Kit
110V Battery kit with recharger
Aalborg Cable, 6 Feet with Female 9 pin D-connector, 0-5vdc
Aalborg 220V Battery Kit
220V Battery kit with recharger
Aalborg Ribbon Cable Assembly
Ribbon Cable Assembly
Aalborg Shielded Cable Assembly
Shielded Cable Assembly