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Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter
Advanced temperature transmitter with superior accuracy, stability, and reliability for critical control and safety applications
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Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter
Highly accurate head and rail mount temperature transmitter
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Inor IPAQ-H/HX Temperature Transmitter
Universal, intelligent, 2-wire in-head transmitters
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Rosemount 848T Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter
Accepts eight independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm, and millivolt inputs
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Amphenol Humitrac Humidity Transmitter
Relative humidity transmitter with optional temperature measurement
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Inor IPAQ-L/LX Temperature Transmitter
Universal intelligent 2-wire DIN rail transmitters
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Vaisala HMW90 Series Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
For High Performance HVAC Applications
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GF Signet 2350 Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensor for use in high purity applications
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Rosemount 248H Temperature Transmitter
A complete temperature assembly for any Single Point measurement application
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Inor MinIPAQ-HLP-USB 2-Wire Transmitter
Easily programmable, low-profile, low-cost RTD & T/C transmitter for DIN-B heads
Inor APAQ-H Temperature Transmitter
Multi-range 2-wire in-head temperature transmitters
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Amphenol EHRH Humidity Transmitter
Waterproof relative humidity and temperature transmitter, ideally suited for high RH and harsh environment applications
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Sixth Sense PHP01 Relative Humidity Probe
Programmable Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
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Vaisala HMT360 Series Intrinsically Safe Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
Configurable humidity and temperature transmitters for hazardous and explosive environments
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Vaisala HMW80 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
Humidity and temperature transmitter designed for use in building energy management systems
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Rosemount 148 Temperature Transmitter
4-20 mA signal less susceptible to noise, increased performance over wiring sensors directly
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Inor MESO-H Temperature Transmitter
HART compatible, intelligent 2-wire in-head temperature transmitter
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Vaisala HMD60 / HMD70 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Duct mount HUMICAP transmitters designed for monitoring relative humidity and/or temperature in HVAC systems
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Intempco MIST03
Temperature Sensor with Programmable 4-20mA Output
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Rosemount 248R Temperature Transmitter
A complete temperature assembly for any Single Point measurement application, rail Mount transmitter type
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AST46PT Sealed Pressure / Temperature Transmitter
Measure pressure and temperature in explosion-proof rated areas from a single device with pressures from 100 to 20,000 psi
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Amphenol RH / RHT Series Humidity Transmitters
Relative humidity and temperature transmitters with space, duct, or outside air mounting options
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Inor IPAQ-4L Temperature Transmitter
Multi-function intelligent 4-wire transmitter and isolated signal conditioner
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Inor MinIPAQ-L-USB Temperature Transmitter
Easy programmable low-cost RTD & T/C transmitter for DIN rail mount
Jumo dTRANS T01 / T01T Programmable 2-wire Transmitters
For connection to resistance thermometers and thermocouples
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Kobold TWR Temperature Switch for Liquids
Provides thermally triggered switching functions for liquids in pipe systems and tanks
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Jumo dTRANS T03 Temperature Transmitters
2-wire and 3-wire analog temperature transmitters
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Kobold TDA Digital Temperature Sensor
Versatile, simple-to-operate digital temperature sensor with programmable functions
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Inor IPAQ-LPlus Temperature Transmitter
High-precision universal programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter
Inor APAQ-L Temperature Transmitters
Multi-range 2-wire DIN rail temperature transmitters
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Amphenol Telaire T8700 / T8700-D Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Precision humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC control applications
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Flo-tech F6310 Temperature Sensor
Two-wire platinum RTD element, 4-20mA electrical output
Inor C520 Temperature Transmitters
Universal, 2-wire transmitters with dual-input for RTD and T/C
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AST46PT Vented Pressure / Temperature Transmitter
Vented gauge, explosion proof, digital compensation, ranges from 10 to 1,000 PSI
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Inor MESO-L Temperature Transmitter
Universal HART-compatible 2-wire DIN Rail mount Temperature Transmitter
Vaisala HMD42/53 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
Humidity & temperature transmitters for ducts in commercial HVAC applications, ±3 %RH accuracy
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Kobold TDD Digital Temperature Switch
Versatile, simple to operate temperature switch with multiple programming features
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Rotronic CF5 Series CO2 / Temperature Transmitters
Measurement ranges 0 to 3,000 ppm carbon dioxide and 30 to 120°F (0 to 50°C) temperature, accuracy of ±30 ppm
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Jumo dTRANS T02 Programmable 4-wire Transmitters
Input and output are electrically isolated, 4-wire transmitters
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AST20PT Stainless Steel Pressure / Temperature Sensor
Measure pressure and temperature from a single device with pressure accuracy of greater than 0.1% BFSL
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Inor IPAQ-21L / IPAQ-22L Temperature Transmitters
Universal 1- & 2-channel Programmable 2-wire Transmitters
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Inor LCD-W12 Digital Indicator
Digital indicator with direct connection to the ProfIPAQ-H/-L Transmitters
Jumo dTRANS T04 Temperature Transmitter
Temperature transmitter with measuring range selectable via DIP switch or through the PC setup program
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Inor IPAQ-HPlus Temperature Transmitter
High-performance, intelligent 2-wire in-head temperature transmitter
Inor R520 Temperature Transmitters
Universal, Rail-mount, 2-wire transmitter with HART 6 Communication
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Inor PROFIPAQ-H Temperature Transmitters
Universal high-performance PROFIBUS-PA transmitters for DIN B or larger connection heads
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Inor PROFIPAQ-L Temperature Transmitter
Universal temperature transmitters with additional voltage and resistance input
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