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Extech 445703 Hygro-Thermometer
Big digit hygro-thermometers simultaneously display temperature and humidity
Testo 622 / 623 Ambient Conditions Monitors
Precision benchtop measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure
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Extech 445815 Hygro-Thermometer Humidity Alert
Programmable alarm warns of high humidity conditions and displays dew point temperature
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Extech 445702 Hygro-Thermometer Clock
Displays time, temperature and humidity
Extech 401014 Digital Thermometer
Indoor/outdoor thermometer with oversize display and built-in memory
Extech 445715 Remote Probe Hygro-Thermometer
Big digit hygro-thermometer
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Extech 44550 Humidity/Temperature Pen
Pocket sized meter with max/min recording
Extech CTH10 Radio Controlled Wall Clock Hygro-Thermometer
Receives time code from NIST radio station WWVB
Extech 445713 Indoor / Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer
Simultaneous display of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
Extech HW30 Humidity and Thermometer Stopwatch
Digital up / down timer displays temperature, humidity, and heat index
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Extech 445706 Hygro-Thermometer Clock
Displays time, temperature and humidity
General Tools WS831DL Data Logging Weather Station
Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity, quantity of rainfall, wind velocity and direction w/ data logging
Extech 445814 Humidity Alert
Programmable alarm warns when humidity level is too high or too low
General Tools WS821 Weather Station
Professional wireless weather station, monitors indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, barometric pressure
Extech WTH100 Weather Station
Radio-controlled wireless weather station that automatically adjusts time, date and DST
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