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Condec Source 3000 Pressure Source
Portable pressure source provides clean & dry pressure up to 3000 psi
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Condec UPC5000 / UPC5010 Pressure Calibration Standard
Heavy-duty construction and precision performance for a variety of pressure calibrating applications
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Condec Orion 2C Pneumatic Pressure Controller
Variable volume pressure controller with operating pressure from vacuum to 3000 psi
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Condec UVC1000 / UVC1010 Vacuum Generator Pressure Controller
Rugged and portable, affordable, ideal for areas off-limits to vacuum pumps
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Condec UPC5100 / UPC5110 Pressure Vacuum Calibration Standard
Portable, accurate, incorporates self-contained pressure and vacuum sources
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Condec PIN8000 / PIN8010 Pneumatic High Source Pressure Intensifier
Internal precision pressure intensifier generates up to 10 times input pressure, electronically controlled intensifier system
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Condec MPV-10K Micro-metering Precision Valve
Fine micro-metering valves with positive shut off, adjustable stop, soft seat. no over tightening
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Condec DPDG Digital Pressure Dial Gauge
Eight (8) standard pressure ranges, stainless steel case meets NEMA 4/IP65, accuracy: ±0.05% F.S.
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Condec UPC5200 / UPC5210 High Pressure Calibration Standard
Up to 10,000 psi, automatic push button calibration, 0.05% accuracy
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Condec 3030 Hand-Held Pressure/Temperature Calibrator
Calibrator with gas and liquid compatible stainless steel pressure sensors
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Condec UPS3000 Series Digital Pressure Indicators
Bonded foil strain gauge sensor and microprocessor-based electronic circuitry for long-term stability
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Condec DLR334 / DLR3110 Digital Pressure Indicators
115 or 230 VAC operation, ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi, 20 selectable engineering units
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Condec Orion 3A Precision Pneumatic Controllers
Controls up to 10,000 psi and vacuum, Viton O-rings, variety of industrial applications
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Condec PIN7000 / PIN7010 Pneumatic Pressure Intensifier
Self contained portable high pressure pneumatic intensifier, generates up to 10,000 PSIG
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Condec 61035 O-Ring
O-Ring for non-cased Orion 2C
Condec 54854 Cheat Seal
Additional cheat seal (used with fill port hose 78939)
Condec 68862 Seal Plug
Seal plug for Orion test port #2
Condec 130239 Output (test) Port
Output (test) port quick-disconnect fitting, male coupling body/female 1/8 NPT, 6500 psig working pressure
Condec Electrical Signal Test Lead Kit
5 ft. electrical test lead kit (red, white and black test leads)
Condec 60195 Quick-disconnect hose
Quick-disconnect hose fitting male coupling body to 1/4 NPT female (brass)
Condec 106378 Soft Carrying Case
Soft Carrying Case
Condec 85615 RS-232 Adapter Cable
RS-232 Adapter Cable for the DPDG
Condec 55844 Spare Battery
Spare Battery for the UPS3000
Condec 55282 Fill Port
Fill port (input) 5ft. long hose fitted with quick-disconnect brass plug
Condec 67248 Output Test Port
Output (test) port 5 ft. long hose with quickdisconnect plug (SST) on one end and 7/16-20 JIC 37º female AN-4 swivel on other end
Condec 19297 Panel Mount Adapter Kit
Panel Mount Adapter Kit
Condec 55291 Test Port
Test port quick disconnect with 1/4 NPT female
Condec 55281 5ft long hose
5 ft. long hose with quick-disconnect plug (brass)
Condec 55279 Test Port
Test port (output) 5ft. long hose with quick-disconnect plug
Condec 55360 Fill Port
Additional fill port (input) 4 ft. long hose
Condec RS-232 Adapter Cable
Condec Replacement Buna-N O-Ring Kit
Replacement Orion 2C, Buna-N O-ring kit
Condec Replacement O-ring Kits
Replacement O-ring Kits
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Condec 150613 External Cylinder Fill
5ft long hose with CGA-580 type male nipple both ends 0-3000 PSI working pressure
Condec 120422 Output Test Port
Quick-disconnect adjustable adapter assembly, female quick-disconnect to 1/4-37 degree AN-4 swivel other end, 3000 psig working pressure
Condec 107288 Output (test) Port
Quick-disconnect adjustable adapter assembly, male coupling body to female quick disconnect swivel other end, 3000 psig working pressure
Condec 58487 Pressure Trap
Pressure trap for UPC5100 and UPC5110
Condec 57788 Min/Max feature
Min/Max feature
Condec 57796 Min/Max feature
Min/Max feature
Condec 106594 Adapter Assembly
Test port quick-disconnect adjustable adapter assembly
Condec 55576 Interface Cable
Interface Cable
Condec 57785 0-10 VDC / 4-20 mA Analog Output
0 to 10 VDC / 4-20 mA Analog Output
Condec External Pressure Module Adapter Cable
External pressure module adapter cable
Condec 0 to 10 VDC / 4-20 mA Analog and RS-232 Simplex Output
0 to 10 VDC / 4-20 mA Analog and RS-232 Simplex Output
Condec 59533 External Portable Pressure Cylinder
External portable pressure cylinder 83.3 cu ft
Condec 55280 Test Port
Additional test port (output) 4 1/2 ft. long hose
Condec External Pressure Module
0 to 1000 psig (0.025% F.S.), 0 to 3000 psig (0.05% F.S.), 0 to 5000 psig (0.05% F.S.) ranges available
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Condec RTD Probe PT100-385
RTD Probe PT100-385
Condec 55294 Test Port
Test port quick-disconnect with 1/4 NPT female
Condec 58483 Pressure Trap
Pressure Trap for the UPC5000 and UPC5010
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