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Testo 174 Temperature & Relative Humidity Datalogger
Temperature and relative humidity datalogger with 16,000 memory slots available
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Testo 550 Refrigeration System Analyzer
Performs accurate temperature, pressure, superheat and sub-cooling measurements on refrigerants
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Testo 570 Refrigeration System Analyzer Kit
Simultaneous superheating and subcooling calculations in real-time, w/ data storage
Testo 510/511/512 Digital Manometers
Testo handheld pressure meters
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Testo 425 Thermal Anemometer
Hot wire thermo-anemometer and compact air velocity and volume meter with thermal probe
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Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer
RESNET certified combustion analyzer, combustion analysis in HD, high def & heavy duty, for residential and commercial applications
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Testo 316-1 Gas Leak Detector
Reliable natural gas leak detection with flexible probe
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Testo 635 Thermo Hygrometer
Humidity and temperature meter with wireless and memory options
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Testo 625 Thermo Hygrometer
Handheld humidity and temperature meter with remote probe or wireless options
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Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester
Tracks the actual breakdown of cooking oil as it is used in frying
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Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer
Refrigeration System Analyzer with built-in vacuum gauge
Testo 435 Multifunction HVAC and IAQ Meter
Easily measure flow speed, volume flow, air humidity and air temperature in one sequence, perfect for HVAC and IAQ applications
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Testo 175 Series Datalogger
Compact dataloggers for temperature and humidity
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Testo 330-2G LL Combustion Analyzer
Advanced combustion efficiency analyzers with dynamic graphic interface
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Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer
Fully-featured, top-of-display icons, rugged, wide parameter range
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Testo 405 Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer
Economical, highly accurate hot wire thermo-anemometer with telescopic probe
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Testo 610 Air Humidity and Temperature Meter
Pocket-sized professional moisture measurement technology
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Testo 330-1G LL Combustion Analyzer
Advanced combustion efficiency analyzers with dynamic graphic interface
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Testo 410 Air Velocity Meter
Vane anemometer and humidity meter with integrated NTC air thermometer
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Testo 205 pH/Temperature Meter
Rugged food penetration pH meter with automatic temperature compensation
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Testo Saveris Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
Data and limit value monitoring for temperature and humidity
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Testo 645 Humidity Meter
Long-term stable, highly accurate humidity sensor, data analysis using comSoft 3
Testo 480 IAQ Pro Meter
Reliable, accurate, rugged, meets any indoor climate measurement
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Testo 925 Type K Thermometer
1 channel temperature measuring instrument with optional wireless probes, Measuring range: -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C)
Testo 416 Mini-Vane Anemometer
Vane anemometer with cabled telescopic vane probe
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Testo 417 Large Vane Anemometer
Vane probe anemometer with built-in 4 inch vane
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Testo 815/816 Sound Level Meter
Class 2L & 3L accuracies with digital noise suppression
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Testo 605-HX Mini Thermohygrometer
Bendable humidity measurement stick
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Testo 535 Ambient CO2 Monitor
Highly accurate 2 channel infrared sensor carbon dioxide monitor with a 0 to 9,999 ppm measuring range
Testo 6651/6681 Humidity Transmitter
High-performance transmitters designed for monitoring critical climate applications in process engineering
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Testo 606 Moisture Meters
Pocket-sized professional moisture measurement technology
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Testo 6740 Trace Humidity Sensor
Ideal for monitoring compressed air dryers and preventing system damage from condensing water vapor
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Testo 622 / 623 Ambient Conditions Monitors
Precision benchtop measurement of temperature, humidity and pressure
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Testo 810 Infrared Thermometer
Allows measurement of both air temperature and non-contact surface temperature in one instrument
Testo 176 Dataloggers
versatile dataloggers with high accuracy and metal housing
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Testo 6351 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Testo 6351 Differential Pressure Transmitter - Measures differential pressure, flow velocity and flow volume
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Testo 870-1 Thermal Imager
19,200 pixels (160 X 120), up to 536°F temp range, <100 mK, 34° x 26° field of view
Testo Pocket Pro 540 Light Meter
Sensor sensitivity resembles that of the human eye
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Testo 875i-1 Thermal Imager Kit
19,200 pixels (160 x 120), up to 662°F temp range, sensitivity 50mk
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Testo 316-3 Refrigerant Leak Detector
Reliable leak detection for most refrigerants including all CFC, HFCs and HCFCs
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Testo 830-T2 Infrared Thermometer
-8 to 752°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±1.5°F accuracy, 2 point laser sight, adjustable emissivity (0.1 to 1)
Testo 317 Series Leak Stick
Gas leak sticks with an audible warning for propane, methane and carbon monoxide
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Testo 6321 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter with full functionality for automated air conditioning and ventilation applications
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Testo 104 Digital Thermometer
Digital, folding, waterproof thermometer
Testo 552 Vacuum Gauge
Requires no cleaning, best in class accuracy, 1100 to 0 mbar measuring range, IP42 protected
Testo 830-T1 Infrared Thermometer
-8 to 752°F, 10:1 (D:S), ±1.5°F accuracy, 1 point laser sight, adjustable emissivity (0.1 to 1)
Testo 6621 RH & Temperature Transmitter
2 channel sensor, accurate, dependable RH sensor technology (± 2.5% RH), functional, attractive housing blends into any environment
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Testo 922 Dual Type K Thermometer
Measuring range: -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C), ideally suited for application in the HVAC field, 2-channel temperature measuring
Testo 103 Digital Thermometer
Compact, digital, folding, waterproof thermometer
Testo 805 Mini IR Thermometer
Waterproof infrared thermometer with a measurement range from -25 to +250°C
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