Everything is subject to the ravages of heat, light and moisture. When those things are important specimens, documents, artifacts, and works of art; it is crucial that they be protected.

Preserving these treasures means creating and sustaining a stable environment, away from light, where humidity and temperature are maintained within limits most beneficial to the artifact. Constantly monitoring conditions and being able to automatically correct conditions when they fall outside of parameters, will help you maintain an environment capable of preserving important items.

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HOBO MX1101 Temperature / RH Data Loggers
Bluetooth Smart-enabled data logger is designed for wireless communication with Apple or Android mobile devices
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HOBO UX100 Temp/RH Data Logger
Temperature & humidity models available, 84,650 measurements, 1 second to 18 hours sampling rates
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HOBO MX2300 Series Data Loggers
Bluetooth low energy-enabled temperature and humidity loggers designed for wireless communication with a mobile device
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HOBO MX1102 Carbon Dioxide Data Logger
Bluetooth Smart enabled data logger stores and wirelessly transmits CO2, temperature and humidity readings
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