Part NumberAlternate P/NNumber of GasesGasChargerPrice
72-0300-MSHA720300MSHAOneCH4Not included$620.00
72-0300-MSHA-C720300MSHACOneCH4115/220VAC adapter & base station$670.00
72-0300-MSHA-A720300MSHAAOneCH412VDC with vehicle plug & base station$685.00
72-0304-MSHA720304MSHATwoCH4 & O2Not included$645.00
72-0304-MSHA-C720304MSHACTwoCH4 & O2115/220VAC adapter & base station$695.00
72-0304-MSHA-A720304MSHAATwoCH4 & O212VDC with vehicle plug & base station$710.00
72-0310-MSHA720310MSHAThreeCH4, O2 & H2SNot included$670.00
72-0310-MSHA-C720310MSHACThreeCH4, O2 & H2S115/220VAC adapter & base station$720.00
72-0310-MSHA-A720310MSHAAThreeCH4, O2 & H2S12VDC with vehicle plug & base station$735.00
72-0311-MSHA720311MSHAThreeCH4, O2 & CONot included$670.00
72-0311-MSHA-C720311MSHACThreeCH4, O2 & CO115/220VAC adapter & base station$720.00
72-0311-MSHA-A720311MSHAAThreeCH4, O2 & CO12VDC with vehicle plug & base station$735.00
72-0317-MSHA720317MSHAThreeCH4, O2 & NO2Not included$720.00
72-0317-MSHA-C720317MSHACThreeCH4, O2 & NO2115/220VAC adapter & base station$770.00
72-0317-MSHA-A720317MSHAAThreeCH4, O2 & NO212VDC with vehicle plug & base station$785.00
72-0314-MSHA720314MSHAFourCH4, O2, H2S & CONot included$695.00
72-0314-MSHA-C720314MSHACFourCH4, O2, H2S & CO115/220VAC adapter & base station$745.00
72-0314-MSHA-A720314MSHAAFourCH4, O2, H2S & CO12VDC with vehicle plug & base station$760.00
72-0316-MSHA720316MSHAFourCH4, O2, NO2 & CONot included$745.00
72-0316-MSHA-C720316MSHACFourCH4, O2, NO2 & CO115/220VAC adapter & base station$795.00
72-0316-MSHA-A720316MSHAAFourCH4, O2, NO2 & CO12VDC with vehicle plug & base station$810.00