Part NumberAlternate P/NModelKit OptionsPrice
EI-WISEREIWISERWiser 1X: Wireless AcceleromterKit includes sensor, USB receiver, charger cable and adapter$1,995.00
EI-WISER BALANCEEIWISERBALANCEWiser 1X: Wireless AcceleromterBalance kit includes sensor, receiver, laser tacho, USB adapter$2,495.00
EI-WISER VIBEEIWISERVIBEWiser 1X: Wireless AcceleromterVibe kit includes sensor, receiver for vibration analysis, USB adapter$1,995.00
EI-WISER3xEIWISER3xWiser 3X: Wireless Triaxiar AccelerometerKit includes sensor, charger cable and adapter$2,995.00