• ±2G to ±40G measuring range
  • Triaxial configuration
  • Up to 725 Hz bandwidth
  • 9-36Vdc input voltage
  • M12 connector
  • 2 meter cable whip
  • 100g shock protection
  • High sensitivity with 1mg resolution
  • Ruggedized for harsh environment operation
  • RS232, RS485, MODBUS, and TTL digital outputs
  • RoHS compliant
  • IP67 rating


DKA-300 Series Accelerometer is based on silicon micro-machined MEMS capacitive technology and designed for low power and high stability in harsh environments. The DKA digital accelerometer is available with RS485, RS232, TTL, and MODBUS digital interface outputs. With a triaxial configuration and up to 725 Hz bandwidth, the DKA series is excellent for use in in a range of applications such as tower cranes, wind power monitoring, low frequency vibration measurements, and vehicle testing.

DKA series accelerometers include MEMS technology designed to measure linear acceleration with ranges of  ±2g to ±40g with a digital output. MEMS is a chip-based technology which is composed of a suspended mass between a pair of capacitive plates. When motion is applied to the sensor, the suspended mass creates a difference in electric potential. The difference is measured as a change in capacitance. MEMS sensors are a compact component with an IP67 seal which allows them to withstand intense conditions.

Other applications for the DKA-300 series accelerometer include:

  • Robotics
  • Traffic system analysis
  • Automatic control systems
  • Medical equipment testing
  • Large machinery monitoring