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  • 50 ISA 100 Ranger Pro Device capacity (Includes up to 15 I/O Router Devices)
  • ISA100.11a network standard
  • 2.45 GHz ISM band radio frequency
  • 128-bit AES encryption/security
  • N-Type, Female, 50 Ω antenna connector
  • RJ45 ethernet connector
  • ISA100.11a GCIModbus TCP protocol
  • 20-57 Vdc power supply
  • CR2032X 220mAH backup battery
  • IP66 rated


The Bently Nevada Ranger Pro Gateway is a wireless network access device that is engineered for quick installation and setup to communicate with Bently's Ranger Pro ISA100 sensors. It is also an integrated RF access point and gateway that manages all aspects of ISA 100 network and provides the conversion between wireless and Ethernet networks. It hosts the relevant routing, system management, security and gateway functions all in a compact IP66 rated enclosure suitable for outdoor and harsh environment applications.

The Ranger Pro Gateway features seamless integration with Bently Nevada's System 1 Condition Monitoring Software and a web configuration interface for easy deployment. Power-over-ethernet reduces the amount of cabling required for installation and has a backup battery in case of power interruptions. Power/Rest and RF extension cables are available in multiple different lengths to meet the needs of you specific installation.