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  • Models available:
    • MA-BLE-1: Single Channel Power Supply with 1x 4-20mA IN/OUT
    • MA-BLE-2: Two Channel Power Supply with 2x 4-20mA / RS-485 IN/OUT
    • MA-BLA-4: Four Channel Power Supply with 1x 4-20mA IN/OUT
  • Up to 4x 4 to 20mA output signals
  • Wide range external power input (100 to 240VAC)


The Pyxis PowerPack series Bluetooth auxiliary adapters are uniquely designed to provide additional power budget and wireless communication to drive Pyxis inline sensors to a receiving microprocessor controller or PLC with limited power supply. Offered in a single-channel, dual-channel and four-channel format, this auxiliary adapter has a built-in power supply with 20-Watt capability. Each PowerPack is also integrated with built-in Bluetooth interface, allowing users to wirelessly pair to all sensors connected with the uPyxis APP for Mobile Phone and Desktop for real-time diagnosis, calibration and configuration.

PowerPack auxiliary adapters can be utilized in 100VAC to 240VAC power format, with direct plug in design. PowerPack 1 offers a single channel input and output quick adapter cable, containing 4-20mA interface, while PowerPack 2 and PowerPack 4 extends this capability to two and four individual input and output connection adapters. Additionally, PowerPack 2 offers RS-485 signal passthrough as well. Each input is specifically designed for direct connection to standard (7-Pin) Pyxis inline sensors and output is designed to connected to the Pyxis standard flying lead cable provided with the PowerPack unit, then terminated to the receiving controller. The sensor input glands (bottom of box) and 4-20mA / RS-485 signal output glands (right side of box) are mapped oneto-one by the numbered labels. Conversion adapters for Pyxis 5Pin and 8Pin sensors are also available allowing PowerPack to be used with all Pyxis sensor formats.