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  • 0.8mm accuracy (2σ value)
  • Flange process connection
  • -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C) temperature
  • Vacuum to +25bar (Vacuum to +362psi) pressure
  • 214ft (38m) max measuring range
  • C-band: 6GHz
  • International explosion protection and custody transfer certificates
  • Overfill prevention WHG, SIL, marine approval

Common Use: Custody transfer for high-accuracy measurement.


The E+H Micropilot FMR532 is used for custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals. It meets the relevant requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. The FMR532 free space radar with planar antenna is specifically suited for stilling well applications. Micropilot FMR532 offers cost-effective and simple installation via 4-wire cable with HART and 24 V DC intrinsically safe power supply.