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  • Level and interface measurement of liquids
  • Extensive choice of probes
  • 1 to 197ft (0.3 to 60m) measuring range
  • 0.98 to 196.85ft (0.3 to 60m) probe lengths
  • Ceramic process seal system
  • Reversed interface measurement
  • Patented Dynamic Gas-phase Compensation


KROHNE OPTIFLEX 7200 Level Transmitter is a 2-wire guided radar level transmitter based on the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology. With its large choice of probe types and materials, this level transmitter is the high-end guided radar for level and interface measurement in the chemical or oil and gas industries. It is suitable for storage or process tanks up to 60 m / 196.85 ft, containing all kind of liquids – from hydrocarbons like slop oil or benzene to solvents and acids to cooling water or condensate.