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  • 0.03 to 33 ft/s (0.01 to 10 m/s) measuring range for liquids
  • Over 1000:1 operable flow range
  • 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C) medium temperature range
  • PN 16, Class 150, 10K maximum process pressure
  • Accuracy
    • Current: ±5 μA
    • Pulse: ±0.5% o.r. ±0.08 in/s (±0.5% o.r. ±2 mm/s)
  • Max ±0.2% o.r. ±0.08 in/s (±0.2% o.r. ±2 mm/s) repeatability
  • ≥50 μS/cm minimum conductivity
  • IP67, NEMA 4X

The E+H Proline Promag 10D electromagnetic flow meter is designed for applications where space is at a minimum. The 10D features innovative housing construction for easy, fast centering of the sensor, and the meter's design prevents pressure loss due to cross-section constriction. The 2-line, push-button display provides easily readable process information for safe operation. Combined with the Promag 10 transmitter, the Promag 10D is the ideal solution for measurement of liquids for various applications and is available in a compact or remote version.

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Part Number Price Available
10D25-4LGA1AA0B4AA Call for information 2 Call to order
10D80-3LGA1AA0B4AA Call for information 1 Call to order
10D50-4LGA1RA0B5AAM2 Call for information 1 Call to order

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