The Walchem WEL Series Electrodes are differential pH and ORP electrodes for industrial applications. They are modular in design with a rugged CPVC housing that contains the electronics. pH and ORP cartridges can easily be connected or replaced in minutes without tools. The cartridges feature a unique threaded interlock connection and a double o-ring seal, ensuring a watertight fit and secure seating at all times.

The optional differential preamplifier or 4 to 20 mA transmitter, and temperature compensation element are in the housing, and are not thrown away when the electrode needs replacement. The electrode is powered by the controller it is connected to, so the signal is always pre-amplified and there are no batteries to go dead.

A titanium solution ground rod integral to the housing enables the differential measuring technique. This results in prolonged electrode life and reliable measurement, resistance to stray voltages and currents or ground loop problems.

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