• DN 80 to 1500 (3 to 60in) nominal diameter range
  • Maximum measured error:
    10% to 100% full scale flow: ±1.5% of reading
    1% to 10% full scale flow: ±0.15% of full scale
  • -40 to 266°F (-40 to 130°C) medium temperature range
  • Process pressure up to PN 20
  • ±0.5% of reading repeatability
  • 100:1 turndown
  • Digital communication options:
    FOUNDATION Fieldbus
    Modbus RS485
  • IP67 (NEMA 4X)
  • Illuminated liquid crystal display


The E+H Proline T-Mass 65I thermal mass flow meter is designed for measurement of gases and gas mixtures in large pipelines or rectangular ventilation ducts, and features a measuring principle characterized by a high operable flow range and direct mass flow measurement. With a turndown of 100:1, the 65I thermal mass flow meter can accurately measure operational flow rates and off line leakage. The integrated gas engine allows the user to configure the device for 20 freely selectable gases.

The T-Mass 65I meter's sensor features high accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of utility and process gases. It also offers easy installation with negligible pressure loss, and reliable flow trending with multivariable measurement. The meter's transmitter features flexible device configuration to suit the application, user-definable gas mixtures, high repeatability and accuracy, and automatic recovery of data for servicing.

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