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  • FLUKE-MDA-510



  • 1000V max voltage
  • 1mV max resolution
  • DC Voltage
    • ±(3% + 6 counts)
  • AC Voltage
    • 50Hz = ±(3% + 10 counts)
    • 60Hz = ±(3% + 10 counts)
    • 60Hz to 20kHz = ±(4% + 15 counts)
    • 20kHz to 1MHz = ±(6% + 20 counts)
    • 1MHz to 25MHz = ±(10% + 20 counts)
  • True-RMS Voltage
    • DC to 60Hz = ±(3% + 10 counts)
    • 60Hz to 20kHz = ±(4% + 10 counts)
    • 20kHz to 1MHz = ±(6% + 20 counts)
    • 1MHz to 25MHz = ±(10% + 20 counts)
  • 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated

What's in the Box

  • BP 291 li-ion battery pack
  • BC190 charger/power adapter
  • 3x VPS 100:1 high voltage probes with alligator clips
  • VPS410-II-R 10:1 500MHz voltage probe
  • i400s ac current clamp
  • C1740 carrying case
  • 2 GB USB drive with manuals and FlukeView™ 2 software


The Fluke MDA-510 motor drive analyzer features a portable motor-drive analysis tool that can help to simplify complex motor-drive troubleshooting with guided test setups and automated drive measurements that provide reliable, repeatable test results. The Fluke MDA-510 offers basic to advanced measurements, along with a built-in report generator to quickly and easily generate as-found and as-left reports.

The Fluke MDA-510 motor drive analyzer saves time by eliminating the need to set up complex measurements, simplifying the troubleshooting process. Simply select a test and the step-by-step guided measurements show you where to make voltage and current connections, while the preset measurement profiles ensure you will capture all the data you need for each critical motor drive section—from the input to the output, the DC bus, and the motor itself.

The Fluke MDA-510 motor drive analyzer takes the key measurements needed: inverter output voltage, DC bus voltage and ripple voltage, and unbalance. It measures key motor-drive parameters including voltage, current, DC Bus voltage level and AC ripple, voltage and current unbalance, and voltage modulation. The Fluke MDA-510 conducts guided measurements for motor-drive input, DC bus, and drive output with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams. You can use simplified measurement setup with preset measurement profiles to automatically trigger data collection based on the chosen test procedure.