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  • -148 to 68°F (-100 to 20°C) dew point measurement
  • 0 to 3000ppm moisture content measurement
  • ±3.6°F (±2°C) dew point accuracy
  • 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50°C) operating temperature
  • 4 to 20mA analog output
  • 2 alarm relays
  • 99.5% removal of 0.3μm particulates
  • 1-5 l/min flow rate
  • 3/4in (20mm) LED display
  • IP65 (NEMA 12)


The Michell Instruments DryCheck has Michell's advanced ceramic moisture sensor, providing accurate and stable measurement. The calibration data for each sensor is stored within the transmitter's flash memory.

All components are housed in a rugged IP65 (NEMA 12) rated polycarbonate case. This can easily be wall mounted at a convenient point close to the gas sample. A clear cover protects the display and the sample flowmeter. Gas connection (gas in and gas out) is provided using "quick connect" push-fittings suitable for use with ¼in (6mm) OD Teflon tubing.

The Michell Instruments DryCheck sampling system includes a monolithic sampling block to house the Easidew transmitter and a valve and flowmeter for setting the sample flow. An included filter element is easily replaceable to ensure that the sensor is protected. All components are rated to 145 psig (1 MPa/10 barg) and the DryCheck can be configured for measurement of dew point at either system, or atmospheric pressure.