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  • Half-height, two-channel module
  • Accepts up to two transducer signals
  • 3.2 Watts typical power consumption
  • Input signal range:
    • +0.8V to -21.0V (Non-isolated I/O modules)
    • +5V to -11V (isolated I/O modules)
  • Two buffered Keyphasor outputs
  • 504Ω maximum buffered output impedance
  • -24 VDC, 40 mA maximum per channel power supply


The Bently Nevada Enhanced Keyphaser Module is a half-height, two-channel module used to provide Keyphasor signals to the monitor modules in a 3500 rack. The module receives input signals from proximity probes or magnetic pickups and converts the signals to digital Keyphasor signals that indicate when the Keyphasor mark on the shaft coincides with the Keyphasor transducer. The 3500 Machinery Protection System can accept up to four Keyphasor signals for normal configuration and up to eight Keyphasor signals in a paired configuration.

The Enhanced Keyphasor Module is an improved 3500 system module. It offers expanded Keyphasor signal processing capabilities over the previous design while maintaining complete downward-compatibility in terms of form, fit and function with existing Keyphasor modules for use in legacy systems. The Keyphasor module, PWA 125792-01, is completely replaced by the updated 149369-01 module.