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  • 0 to 100% measuring range
  • Accuracy <2%
  • 24 to 32 months sensor life span (in normal use)
  • barometric pressure and temperature compensation
  • Internal pump option
  • 0 to 1V output
  • XLT sensor options for CO2 backgrounds
  • Lightweight: 2.5Kgs


The AII GPR Series Oxygen Analyzers is designed for measuring 0 to 100% oxygen in general purpose areas. This portable oxygen analyzer features barometric pressure and temperature compensation and is supplied with stainless steel wetted parts, a flowmeter and needle valve. The LDL is 0.5% O2 (the LDL can be further enhanced with a zero calibration). This unit also displays the ambient temperature and pressure. For oxygen purity measurements a span gas with the desired target concentration should be used

Applications for the GPR-3500 MO include:

  • Oxygen and nitrogen generators
  • Storage holds on marine vessels post maintenance
  • Oxygen in tankers during delivery
  • Metal treatment processes
  • Leak checking processes
  • Double glazing manufacture
  • Welding (under N2 or Ar purge)