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  • Non-contact measurement
  • HistoROM data management
  • Thread or flange process connections
  • -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C) temp range
  • -14.5 to 580 psi (-1 to 40 bar) pressure range
  • 66ft (20m) maximum measuring range
  • ±6mm accuracy
  • 6GHz C-band

Predecessor: Micropilot M FMR231

Common Use: Small process connections, aggressive media in storage tanks, or other small tanks.


The E+H Micropilot FMR53 Level Transmitters are designed for simple level measurement applications in liquids. With its slim rod antenna, FMR53 free space radar is particularly suited for small process connections. The PTFE coating of the rod antenna and flange plating guarantee resistance also in aggressive media. The Micropilot FMR53 is used for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids, pastes and slurries. The measurement is not affected by changing media, temperature changes, gas blankets or vapors.


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