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  • Model 875 Ayres
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  • Temp range: 122 to 1292°F (50 to 700°C)
  • Volume: 67mm diameter, 475mm deep
  • Serial interface, PC cable and software included
  • Comparison calibration or use with fixed points
  • Absolute Stability:
    • ±0.005°C at 150°C
    • ±0.005°C at 450°C
    • ±0.020°C at 660°C
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The Isotech Model 875 Ayres Calibration Bath consists of a container of aluminum oxide powder with a porous base plate. Sufficient air is passed through the base plate to motivate the powder into a fluid like state so that it will flow, display buoyancy effects and have good heat transfer characteristics. The 875 features a temperature range of 122 to 1292°F (50 to 700°C) and a volume of 67mm diameter, 475mm deep.