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  • Shallow water 4-20mA tiltmeter
  • Fresh and salt water applications
  • Range: ±0.5°/±3°/±50°
  • Resolution: less than 0.0001°/0.0006°/0.01°
  • 316 SS housing
  • 6-pin bulkhead, male plug housing connector
  • 4-20mA Two-wire current loop (per axis) output


The Jewell Instruments Model C820 Series Tiltmeter is a high precision submersible tiltmeter for use in fresh and salt water applications with 4-20mA output. Using an absolute gravity referenced electrolytic sensor, the C820 delivers superior measurement accuracy with virtually no longterm drift. High-gain units are sensitive to less than 0.0017 mm/m or better. All units are rated to 200 meters waterproof for advanced protection from the elements. Use the C820 "Shallow Water" for structural monitoring, angle measurement and control, platform leveling, and more.