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  • Choice of 3 different relay modules:
    • 3-9950.393-1: 4 SPDT mechanical relays (For alarms, pulsing, or Boolean functions)
    • 3-9950.393-2: 2 mechanical and 2 solid state relays
    • 3-9950.393-3: 2 mechanical relays and 4 Binary “inputs” (Binary inputs can come from level switches, pressure switches, flow switches, temperature switches, optical switches, proximity switches, etcetera), these 4 Binary inputs are in addition to the two primary sensor inputs.

This product is an accessory for the following products:

GF Signet 9950 Transmitter
Two channel transmitter/controller can support two sensors of same or different types in one instrument
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The GF Signet 9950.393 Relay Modules provides additional mechanical relays and/or solid state relays and binary outputs for expanding GF Signet 9950 transmitter.

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Relay Module with 2 Mechanical Relays and 4 Binary Inputs
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