GE Druck DPS2000 Digital Pressure Transmitter
This product has been retired.

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  • Pressure ranges up to 21,000 psi (1480 bar)
  • Total accuracy less than ±0.01% FS
  • Long-term stability less than ±0.01% FS/year
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • RS-232 and RS-485 communication
  • Pressure scales: bar, psi, mH2O, MPa, dbar
  • High overpressure capability
  • Low current consumption

The GE Druck DPS2000 Digital Pressure Transmitter is an ultra high accuracy digital pressure and temperature sensor designed for high pressure measurement in critical applications in harsh environments where accuracy and stability of the data are key to system performance. Built using PRESENS' patented tubular sensing element, proven in sub sea oil and gas applications, the PRECISE DPS2000 series gives reliable long-term stability, and high field accuracy, in a robust high pressure sensor.

Oceanographic Applications include:

  • Vertical depth measurement
  • AUVs and Submarines
  • ROVs, towed arrays, bathymetry
  • Tsunami detection
  • Dynamic subsea positioning

High pressure calibration applications include:

  • Laboratory reference
  • Portable calibration equipment
  • Pressure controllers
  • Leak detection