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  • PP solid 2-piece construction
  • Corrosion resistant inside and out
  • Reusable
  • 360° Directional Discharge Port
  • quick installation
  • 180° rotation


The ICON TruFlo LFS Series Safety Clamp is made from Solid Polypropylene, a lightweight all plastic material that resists temperature up to 90°C, and has excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases and various solvents.

They are designed to 'Fit and Forget and are quick and easy to assemble and install, just join the two halves of clamshell around the flange and snap in place. The LFS series are reusable, do not tear or rip, do not require lacing, and provide your piping system with a safe and secure means of preventing harmful 'Spray-Outs' without any down time.

A 360 degree outlet stub contain and direct leaking liquid safely provides directional conveyance of any liquid losses from the flanges. The LFS series Clamshells are a recommended addition to any piping system and should be considered in any site safety reviews.