Kanomax Model OMX Odor Monitor
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  • Two semiconductor gas sensors
  • Continuous sampling with built-in air pump
  • Ideal for before and after applications
  • Real-time sampling mode
  • Up to 32732 data memory capacity
  • Battery operated up to 7 hrs
  • Operating temp: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)

What's in the Box

  • Suction nozzle
  • AC adapter
  • AA batteries
  • USB cable
  • Air purifying unit
  • Activated carbon (50cc/bag)
  • Replacement filter for air purifying unit
  • Replacement filter for suction nozzle
  • Operation manual

The Kanomax Model OMX Odor Monitor is highly sensitive with three models available for various applications. The OMX Monitor indicates the relative strength and odor classification numerically by comparing the odor gas and purified air. The OMX Monitor is ideal for before and after applications, such as air purification and cleaning service. The real-time sampling mode displays odor change continuously. The memory sampling mode saves data based on the selected sampling rate, up to 32732 data 511 files.

The OMX-SRM Model finds the odor source at factories, incinerator plants, or effluent treatment facility. The OMX-ADM is suitable for putrid odor such as ammonia and provides evaluation for deodorizing at hospitals or nursing homes. The OMX-TDM provides TVOC measurements for monitoring IAQ condition.

Kanomax OMX-01 Replacement Filter
Replacement filter for suction nozzle (50 pcs)
Kanomax OMX-02 Air Purifying Unit
Air purifying unit for the OMX Monitor
Kanomax OMX-03 Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon (50cc per bag)
Kanomax OMX-04 USB Cable
Kanomax OMX-05 AC Adapter
Kanomax OMX-06 Suction Nozzle