• Working volume:
    • Inside basket: 8.3in diameter by 12in depth
    • Overall: 9 1/2in diameter x 12in depth
  • Safer for the operator & tooling versus other methods
  • Max load 25lbs
  • Heater light shows heater status
  • Fluidizing air is manually controlled
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The Accurate Thermal Systems FTBLL12E fluidized temperature bath has an easy to use dial controller for setting the bath from 100 to 1000°F. The heater light indicates heater status; once flashing the system reaches operating temperature in about one hour.

Fluidizing air is manually controlled by a valve on the side of the unit. The air will need to be adjusted a few times when heating from ambient to higher cleaning temperatures and vice versa when cooling down.

Thermal cleaning of tooling includes breaker plates, dies, nozzle tips, screens, metal filters, flanges, hardware, paint hooks, and much more.