Kanomax AL900 Fog Machine



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  • Particle size: 0.25 to 60 microns
  • Max consumption: 1 liter per hour
  • 120 volts, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 14.3" x 5.6" x 7.5"

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Kanomax Dif-Kit Fume Hood Test Station
Kit contains professional fume hood diagnostics tools, uses ANSI/ASHRAE 110 test method

The Flow Visualization and velocity procedure test standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6) is a visualization test used to determine hood ability to contain vapors. A visible smoke is introduced in a manner that is consistent in a way the hood is typically used. See ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6 for a complete description of testing procedures.