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  • Two channel inputs
  • pH, ORP, optical-based DO/BOD, or conductivity
  • Data storage:
    • 500 data sets in manual mode
    • 10,000 data sets in automatic logging mode
  • Large, easy to read color display
  • GLP Compliant (sensors store serial # and calibration data)
  • Antibacterial keypad
  • USB connectivity to manage data
  • 3-year warranty


The YSI MultiLab 4010-2 Water Quality Instrument provides easy to use and easy-to-calibrate menu driven operation ideal for any laboratory. This two channel meter is ideal for highly accurate lab testing. The 4010-2 features a large, easy to read display, intelligent digital sensors (IDS) for plug-and-play connectivity, and a 3-year warranty.

The IDS sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. The sensors maintain their calibration data when moved from instrument to instrument and transmit this information to the new instrument so you don't have to recalibrate. In addition, they also digitally process the measurement signal.

The CMC function displays continual monitoring of the sensor's measuring range. The range is represented with a bar and calibration points are shown as vertical lines at the cal point. A moving cursor shows the current measured value and indicates if the measurement is within the calibrated range.

The QSC is a system to monitor the condition of the pH electrodes. An initial calibration is performed and, afterwards, the sensor status is monitored and graphically displayed.




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