Kanomax Model 4200 Vibration Meter



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  • Compact size maximizes technician mobility
  • Measurement ranges:
    • Acceleration; 0.02 to 200 m/s2 RMS
    • Velocity; 0.02 to 200mm/s RMS
    • Displacement; 2 to 2000 µm EQp-p
  • RMS, Peak, EQ Peak, EQ Peak-to-Peak readings
  • Output:
    • AC output; 1Vrms (Full Scale)
    • Headphone output; Portable Headphones w/Volume function
  • Built-in RS232 interface
  • operating temp: 14 to 122°F(-10 to 50°C)

What's in the Box

  • Accelerometer
  • Cable & magnet
  • Contact pin
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Calibration Cert

The Kanomax Model 4200 Vibration Meter is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. The magnetic accelerometer attaches easily to machinery for increased accuracy and precise operation. It's the perfect tool to diagnose problematic vibrations with your industrial machinery or manufactured products.

Applications for the Kanomax Model 4200 Vibration Meter include:

  • Industrial hygiene investigations
  • Industrial machinery check-ups
  • Manufacturing QA


Kanomax BC-0116 Extension Cable
Extension cable for the 4200, 3m, 5m and 10m lengths available
Kanomax ACBC-0026 RS232 Communication Cables
RS232C Communication cables
Kanomax ACBC-0026PC USB/RS232C Converter


Kanomax BS2-80TS Printer
Printer (RS232C type)
Kanomax AC-1016 AC Printer Adaptor
AC adaptor for the BS2-80TS printer
Kanomax BS-80-15 Paper Roll
Paper roll for BS2-80TS printer


Kanomax Data Processing Software
Data Processing Software for the 4200 Vibration Meter


Kanomax 3116CASE
Case for the 4200 Vibration Meter


Please consider these optional accessories.

Kanomax NC-0344 Contact Pin
Contact pin for the 4200 Vibration Meter
Kanomax BC-0063 Relay Connector
Kanomax KDA-60 220 to 100VAC Transformer
220 to 100VAC Transformer
Kanomax  BC-0071 BNC-Pin Cable
BNC-Pin Cable for the 4431 Sound Level Meter
Kanomax ATH-WM5 Headphone
Headphone for the 4200 Vibration Meter


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