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  • Precision biaxial tiltmeter
  • Angular range: ±0.5°/±5°
  • Resolution: 1 µradian/10 µradians
  • RS232 and RS422, full duplex output
  • Invar leveling legs
  • Real-time clock
  • 540K of FLASH memory
  • Anodized aluminum and epoxy-coated housing
  • Hookup cable and power supply for quick operation
  • NEMA 4X (IP65)


The Jewell Instruments D701 Tiltmeter is the digital version of the A701-2 Platform Tiltmeter. Its NEMA 4X designation (IP65) provides protection against continuous exposure to moisture and wet weather and it resists corrosion that can occur in wet conditions. RS232 and RS422 output versions are both available. The powerful firmware command set enables the user to control output data rates, data formats, sample averaging, and other useful parameters. All units are shipped with our graphical ZAGI user interface software for Windows computers.

With a robust anodized aluminum and epoxy-coated housing, the D701 resists corrosion that can occur on the side of a volcano or wherever it is operated. Adjustable invar legs make the D701 easy to install and level on any flat surface. Once the tiltmeter has been leveled, three brass nuts lock each of the invar legs in place. Each tiltmeter comes with a hookup cable and power supply for quick operation using your PC.